you've all just had lunch a few hours before. the money had transferred from wichita, kansas, area banks to columbia, tennessee, banks. >> but that meant he needed control. >> a troubling encounter shakes sara. yes, i'm in art school. >> reporter: as cody was praying for a miracle, mona's sister lisa also got a phone call, from another sister. lou had met trish in the mid '90s in south texas, after serving in the navy as a plane mechanic. i want it." she was the disciplinarian? >> there would be yelling and maybe slamming doors. >> my dad was devastated. >> right. Zion's Angels Landing hike is a 5-mile round trip trail that starts at the Grotto trailhead. >> reporter: what did the investigators make up happened. Digital magazines are inclusive of VAT. >> we checked the fbi databases and private databases. trelegy is not for asthma. that's what the extra menu's for. Aired: 02/21/2020 and something else happened. in a clinical study, 4 out of 5 users felt better joint comfort. >> was he happy with what you showed him? he's like, "no, if you want a horse, we're gonna get a horse." >> reporter: cody traveled back to rapid city, and once again saw lou, who seemed distraught. >> no, sir. i thought about killing myself but i nvr thought about leaving. we all had the dealership's owner's cell phones, cell phone. and he loved his daughter immensely. >> how'd that go down? but not long after, something went terribly wrong. >> yes, because i'm dad ea's girl. >> i believe he drowned t rish. >> reporter: the mystery? with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better. leave with a plan. mostly progressive's name your price tool. when "dateline continues." she could say, "hey, let's get in the car and drive somewhere." but she said does lou seem special to you? >> i know it was because of the story i told and there's a lot of regret that comes along with that. and hit the town with these girls. >> reporter: he wasn't going to fall for it? >> abshoutly. he enjoyed it. >> reporter: their dad built houses. >> well at first, he was just somebody that mom was doing business with. >> you were the little girl who got a horse for your birthday? A California woman died in a fall Sunday from the popular site in Zion National Park known as Angels Landing. civic-minded lou was showered with high-fives from the city council after he donated $19,000 towards a brand new police vehicle. Some even believed his body to be inhabited by angels, and that he needed to have sex with young girls in order to stay alive. >> reporter: your dad must have been all ripped up, huh? >> reporter: looking back, do you wonder what he meant by that? >> reporter: so in december 2009, nearly seven-years after the wichita investigation began, detectives goodwyn and snyder and the fbi agent sullivan got their first break -- the email from daniel. >> i can't explain it. maybe that was the point. >> except psychologically. >> daniel, amber and arthurer. i like guarantees. so, i mean, we were close, but we fought like siblings. >> they all knew lou, but they didn't know lindsey's mom. here's the very difficult part of your story. and he started driving me to my house and i said, dad, we have. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. >> he drew attention to himself. that summer, 2001, their mom jennifer was showing houses to a new client, a man named lou castro who, with his long hair, and western hat, looked for all the world like a well-heeled young cowboy. >> what we saw was a pattern. >> what did they tell you it was all about? >> it was surreal and terrifying to sit before 12 people that i didn't know and tell them all of. >> that's scarier. really? >> no. >> i got three horses. aleve pm. >> they called it "angels landing," a special place for a chosen few. >> and he's an angel that will kill you? a slice above. >> devastated. >> if you said no, i'm not going to take that video camera and go eto the little girl? >> yes, he could also see people from the past. >> for us, it was a game of cat. i felt like he was going to jump over it the table and get me. nobody knew. >> reporter: emily might have gone to live with their father, but she remained with the commune. but he said the pool needs be clooned so you and trish are going to stay here and clean it. >> and your dad was part of another family back when but -- >> i mean i still visited my dad and i still loved my dad, but that's just not where i was going to live. here's to progress. so roll up those sleeves. >> reporter: you were the princess of the house? and he said, no, emily, we don't. >> i don't know. it's hard to explain but i loved lou. they never fought in front of us or anything. >>iou >>ious he passed away insideicide. moving on to south dakota and ending up in wichita. >> but angels landing was plagued by accidents. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. >> reporter: you thought there was a lot of smoke around this guy, but you didn't know what exactly it was coming from? >> you think? >> low castro of wichita is now joe vanegas of tennessee? the nemesis of detective ron goodwin who would not give up his real name was behind bars after conit fesing to id fraud but he was just getting started. it was an agonizing 20 minutes. >> according to him, he sees lisa with a gunshot wound to the head. call, click, or visit a store today. The episode of Dateline, titled “Angels & Demons,” features interviews with Daniel Perez, commune members Sara and Emily as well as with Detective Ron Goodwyn and more. you didn't have to go very far down the poper trail to realize he didn't sign anything. >> we got the call that he had been crushed under a car he was fixing. it's her time. first degree. it's a different kind of wireless network, designed to save you money. land o' frost premium. >> the distinction is that suicide is at your own hand. his name was daniel -- an expert marksman in the kansas national guard. >> they allege even though she may have been a willing. a few months after their mother's death in the 2008 car crash, emily and sara were traumatized when lou announced a move to tennessee.